Why Do Doctor’s Offices Suck So Much?

This is purely a rant on why I hate the receptionists in doctors offices.


Today I had an appointment with a sleep neurologist. My PCP referred me to him, and since I’ve had so much trouble with sleep and fatigue, I thought seeing him would be worth my time. His office is in the city so it’s a 30-45 minute drive depending on the traffic, and we had an 8:30 appointment, so I had to be up way earlier than I normally am.

Fora normal person this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. My body however, hates being up early. Whenever I get up before my body is ready I feel nauseous and get a headache. It’s also inevitable that in the afternoon I’ll crash, hard. Since this appointment was important though, I was willing to risk it.

After driving 45 minutes down there, we arrive to find out they cancelled our appointment. Apparently they had been calling the wrong phone number to confirm the appointment. Everyone makes mistakes, so this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but they had already called my mom multiple times on the correct number, so they did at one point have the right number. We also confirmed the appointment on their online patient portal.

The receptionist also tells us that we’re out of network and they don’t take our insurance. They should have never agreed to see me if they’re out of network. She tells us we could see him, if we paid $250 out of pocket. No ones time, in my opinion, is worth that much for one doctors visit. Since they had taken it upon themselves to cancel the appointment though, we wouldn’t even get to see him today.

Now that’s all bad, but they apologized right? Wrong. Both receptionists said it wasn’t there fault and it must have been someone else. We left because there is no use in arguing with incompetent people. An apology would have made this situation much better, but even when my mom called to try and talk to someone else, they didn’t apologize nor did they care. They even said that they had never heard of online conformation. To which my mom replied, “well then it sounds like you have another problem don’t you?” which made me crack up. They also repeated back her phone number wrong to her three times, which means after going to the office and talking to the receptionists there, they didn’t even change the number in the computer system.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s at least the third time we’ve gone to a doctors office only to find out they canceled our appointment/didn’t take our insurance/never made the appointment in the first place. I understand that it’s a boring job, and that people make mistakes, but this was a long series of mistakes (probably made my multiple people) and they way the handled it was incredibly unprofessional. “I don’t care we screwed up, sucks for you” was the general attitude.

The office manager did called call my mom, and was apologetic. He’s trying to get us in on Monday and is giving us a discount. More than wasting my time, waking up early, wasting my moms time, and making her take half a day off work to take me, not having answers is the worst part. I’m happy this situation seems like it’s going to have a positive ending, but they don’t all turn out so well in the end.

Ugh. What are your experiences with difficult doctors office?

Have you ever showed up to a doctors office only to find out you don’t have an appointment?



Neurology Update

This morning I had my neurology appointment with a new doctor, and it was a very positive visit!

I had mentioned in a pervious post that I was looking into starting Botox, and this doctors office is going to file a request with our insurance in the new year. She doesn’t think it will be the “miraculous cure” that Botox is for some people, because I don’t have much stiffness in my neck and shoulders, and that’s what Botox helps with most. It is however something I haven’t tried yet, and I have attempted to use the majority of migraine relief therapies available.

She was concerned that my resting heart rate is so high, and wants to start me on Propranolol.  I have been on it before, and it lowered my blood pressure a little too much, but hopefully my body won’t be as sensitive this time. In addition to the new drug, she wants me to lower the amount of Amitriptyline I take, which is fine with me since it doesn’t work anyway. I also got a referral to see a Cardiologist, which is a specialist I have not seen before, as well as a referral for an acupuncturist. In the office today my pulse was 137 bpm, which is way too high for anyone, especially someone as young as me.


I really liked that she brought up the fact that exercising is nearly impossible with a pulse that high. Instead of shaming me for not being more active she was actually sympathetic, which is not a trait most doctors I have seen have. I don’t need or want anyones pity. I just want adequate medial care from people who are understanding. Is that too much to ask for?

I’m hoping I will be able to use her as my Neurologist long term, because so far I really like her. I needed some positivity in my life, so I’m grateful that this visit went well. I am also feeling pretty good today, minus the sinus infection I have, so hopefully I will continue to feel okay for all of our Christmas celebrations.

Love of  Love and Holiday Wishes,