LGBTQ+ Representation in Music

I love listening to music from queer artists because I feel a deeper connection to the lyrics. Music is universal, and while you can always switch the pronouns out in a song, it’s a whole different experience to listen to queer artists sing about the same experiences and feelings I have. Here are 5 queer artists I enjoy; I hope you’ll like them as well.

  1. Tegan and Sara
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I may or may not be completely obsessed with Tegan and Sara. I saw them in concert in September of 2016, and they were amazing. My all time favorite song is their song , Where Does the Good Go from their album “So Jealous.” I’m not the type to get obsessed with celebrities or have big celebrity crushes, but they are the exception. I mean come on, just look at them, they’re super attractive, and they’re so funny. From what they put out into the world, they seem like good people, and they’re pretty cool.

2. Hayley Kiyoko

tumblr_nyt03hyra21soah0lo1_1280(PHOTO CRED)

Hayley Kiyoko is best known for her song Girls like Girls, which is super catchy and is something every queer girl can connect to. Earlier this year she released a new album called Citrine , which was a great follow up to Girls like Girls. My favorite songs off that album are Gravel to Tempo, and Pretty Girl.

3. Shura

shura-2shy (PHOTO CRED)

Shura is an incredibly talented artist who sings synth pop music. She opened for Tegan and Sara at the concert I went to and is also really good live. My favorite songs off her album “Nothing’s Real,” are Touch, Indecision, and What’s it Gonna Be? She also actively posts on twitter an sis hilarious, especially if you imagine reading all her tweets in her British accent.

4. Mary Lambert

2015-03-20-1426847582-7131854-MaryLambert.jpg (PHOTO CRED)

Her song Secrets was really popular in 2014-2015, and she sings Same Love along with Macklemore. She also recently did a cover of Rise by Katy Perry along with Superfruit, which gave me goose bumps.

5. Adult Mom

0005798457_10(PHOTO CRED)

I just started listening to Adult Mom, and they’re great! I love their eclectic sound, and the twang in their voice. The lead singer , Stephanie Knipe (pictured above) identifies as non-binary. Adult Mom is different from most of the music I listen to, and I really like that.


Let me know who some of your favorite LGBT artist are below. I’m always looking for more queer artist to support!

– Alyssa