Cardiac Electrophysiologist Update

Yesterday was my Electrophysiologist visit and it went quite well.

We waited for a bit, but once we got into a room the doctor was really quick. He had already reviewed the stress test, EKG, and echo from the cardiologist and had an action plan, which was refreshing. His plan was not one I expected though.


The doctor said he could do another Hilter monitor but this time for 3-4 weeks, but didn’t think the information would be anymore helpful than the previous 24 hour one was. Instead he suggested an electrophysiology test. This is a procedure where they go through a vein in your inner-hip/groin area and go into your heart with a catheter. If there are any extra chambers, which is what they’re looking for, then they would a cardiac ablation.They also stimulate the heart to see how it responds. He isn’t expecting to see extra chambers, and thinks the final diagnosis is going to be Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. The doctor said “Inappropriate sinus tachycardia is frustrating, because it happens for no reason and you have to rule out other things to properly diagnose it.” Great, another annoying medical condition that doesn’t seem to really have a reason, I might as well collect them now.

Whatever it is, it’s going to be nice to get a definitive diagnosis about something. He said the scheduler should call before Monday afternoon, and the procedure will probably be done in the next 3-4 weeks. That’s really fast, and I’m surprised he thinks he’s going to be able to do it so soon. You normally have to wait 3-4 weeks at least to get a specialist appointment, let alone schedule a procedure.

Oddly I’m not nervous at all, which kinda weirds me out. Lately I’ve felt like everything that’s been happening isn’t actually happening to me. Like I’m watching a movie and someone else is going through all of this; it’s been weird. Even when I look in the mirror I don’t see myself, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. I’m almost surprised at my reflection every time, and I don’t think it’s just the sudden weight gain. When I look at pictures from a year ago when I was really thin, and had my long golden hair, (before I cut it all off and dyed it), I also don’t see me. I’m not really sure what I look like, and for someone who doesn’t have vision problems, I feel like thats an odd thing to say. Maybe I’ll get nervous when it’s planned or a few days before the procedure, but for now I feel kinda numb about it.

I’m happy we’re doing something about the tachycardia, because I honestly waited way too long to go see a cardiologist. The chronic pain had always been the most important thing in my eyes, so I put this on the back-burner. I’ve brought it up to plenty of doctors, but they’ve all shrugged it off and just said “that’s weird.”

So, here’s my update since for once there’s actually something to report instead of just medication changes. I hope you’re all doing well, and are feeling okay. I’d love to hear about what’s going on in your life!

Lots of Love,


Update: The EPT is scheduled for 3/2/17. Longer than he said, but not too bad!


Cardiology & Conundrums

Yesterday I saw a cardiologist fro the first time.

I’ve had many EKG’s because my pulse runs really high, but I had yet to see someone for it. My pulse was running around 120-140 bpm all the time, until I started propranolol two weeks ago. I’m now on 60mg of extended release propranolol, and my pulse is 100-115 bpm most of the time. So, there is some improvement but not a lot.

They did multiple EKG’s, and echo, and a stress test, which I wasn’t expecting. During the stress test my heart rate got up to 190 bpm. That’s not good at all. Last week I had a 24 hour Hilter monitor, so she also looked at those results. Besides being incredibly tachycardic they didn’t find any abnormalities with my heart. Because of this the cardiologist sent a referral to a Cardiac Electrophysiologist.


I’m happy nothing appears to be seriously wrong with my heart, but it’s annoying to constantly get results that come back “fine” when you’re obviously not fine. I’ve tried a few other medications for the tachycardia ( metoprolol & Nadolol ) but they both caused my blood pressure to bottom out. My blood pressure has run a little low on the propranolol, but nothing too bad.

We’re on to yet another specialist, or as the cardiologist called him a “super specialist.” I hope he’ll have some answers for me, but the cardiologist doesn’t think he’ll be able to do much. I’d rather not have a heart attack at 30 or some other major heart problem, because I have issues now that aren’t being resolved. Being chronically ill is strange, because you want everything to be okay, but then you tired of getting “good” results when they can’t figure out whats wrong with you.

On an unrelated note, in a previous post I mentioned briefly that my Grandmother was diagnosed with oral squamous cell cancer and is  having her surgery next Thursday. Any prayers and positive thoughts would be very appreciated! If they find cancer in the bone, then she’ll have to have another surgery to remove a major portion of her jaw, and then transplant part of her tibia to hold her jaw together. In other words, it wouldn’t be good situation, so we are hoping and praying for the best news possible.

Have you been to an electrophysiologist? If so, what was your experience like?

Lots of Love,