Happy Birthday Queerly Texan!

Today, December 12th, 2017 Queerly Texan turns one year old!

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year now! When I started this blog last December, I thought I would post for a couple of weeks, maybe months and then stop. This community means so much more to me than I ever knew it could. Having a place to express the trials and tribulations that come with chronic illness has been very cathartic. I’ve also been able to write extensively about LGBTQIA+ rights, and other social justice causes which fills my heart with joy.

In the past year, I’ve posted/re-blogged over 150 posts, gained 275 followers, and have been able to have some amazing conversations with people all over the world. I’m looking forward to seeing where this blog goes, as well meeting new people and having many more conversations. I have never done a Q&A, so in honor of Queerly Texan’s birthday I thought I would do my first one! Feel free to ask me questions down in the comments about anything and everything, and I’ll answer them in a post soon.

Thank you so much for following Queerly Texan, liking, re-blogging, and commenting. I sincerely enjoy each and every comment, and I love talking with ya’ll. There have been many days that reading the comments has lifted my spirits. Here’s to many more years!

Thank you all,




Thank you!

Yesterday I hit 100 followers here on WordPress!

I started this blog December 12, 2016, not long after having a terrible trip to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital to try and get some answers about my chronic illnesses. I felt as if I was at my breaking point and needed some sort of outlet to express the overwhelming emotions I was feeling. This has been a great community and I’ve had a lot of really awesome conversations surrounding chronic illness and feminism.

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog and reads. I never expected for anyone to follow me or read my posts, let alone 100 people being interested in what I have to say. I throughly enjoy reading every comment I get and checking out every new blog that follows me. I’ve found so many people of all ages who are experiencing the same things as me, which is incredibly uplifting and comforting. Thank you once again for checking out my blog, I hope you stick around for the rest of my journey here at Queerly Texan.

SO much love,