Queerly Texan is a blog dedicated to social justice, chronic illness awareness, queer culture, and my life. The author of Queerly Texan is me chronically ill, seventeen year old named Alyssa from Texas. Blog posts will be about anything from politics, social justice, college, and being LGBTQIA+, to chronic illness awareness, and my life living in daily pain.

I have chronic migraines, abdominal migraines, inappropriate sinus tachycardia and other undiagnosed chronic illnesses that I’m trying to get diagnosed. My goal with this blog is to create content that others find relatable, makes them think deeper about certain issues, and to break the stigmas of living with multiple chronic illnesses.

This blog is a safe space for anyone and everyone. I am not a counselor or doctor, but if you need help or someone to talk to I am always here. You can get in touch by emailing queerly.texan@gmail.com, or through my contact page, feel free to ask me questions, get advice, or just say hey!