Moving Into My First College Apartment

On Friday I took the leap and moved into my apartment!

We had brought almost all of my stuff on the 18th, so I packed up my truck with the few things I had left and drove myself to my University. I’m not gonna lie, driving away from my parents and home was so hard. Luckily for me the drive is about 45 minutes to an hour, so it wasn’t too bad. I know I’m really close, but right now it feels super far.

I’ve barely been here and I miss home so much. Since I’m a transfer student there wasn’t all the events that new freshman have. They did have a few, but I would have had to leave on Monday to be a part of them, and I wasn’t ready to leave then. I’m spent most of my time putting together the last few pieces of my apartment, but I’m feeling super lonely. I know this will get better and is just a normal part of leaving, but boy does it hurt. I’m so close with my parents, especially because of all my health issues. I’ve been so isolated for the past six plus years that I truly have no one else besides my family. Dealing with not having friends is tough, but this is the most lonely I’ve ever felt.

For now I’m just trying to keep myself busy. My problem is that I can only exert myself so much before I feel sick and have to lay down, but when I lay down I’m less distracted from my sadness. I’ve been forcing myself to keep doing stuff even when I feel bad because at least I feel a little more distracted from being sad. I’m sure when classes start this will get better though since I’ll have a lot more to occupy my time with. Class starts Monday so logically I know it’s really soon and things will feel better then, but in this moment time is passing incredibly slowly.

I have a roommate but we’ve barely been spoken to one another. I’m hoping we can get to know each other a little more this weekend, and that things improve on that end.

I know I made the right decision to leave home and try to attend college at a University, but home sickness makes you question everything. Seriously, no one tells you it will be this hard.  Let me know if you have any tips for leaving home for the first time!



10 thoughts on “Moving Into My First College Apartment

  1. It was a long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. All moved in to my first college dorm room, everything set up so I could access what I needed. I rolled to the front door to say goodbye to my friend who had brought me realizing it was goodbye! I came to school mid-year and got there before my roommate. I did not know anyone in the dorm – yet. Someone would come to help me get into bed that night… my first personal care assistant. I remember being nervous and missing all that was familiar. I got busy with classes, made friends on the hall and before long everything felt more ‘normal’.

    It is a big deal to do what you have done. Be patient and kind to yourself. It is not a sign of weakness to stay connected to the people you love. No-one tells us how to get through these changes in our lives. Which means we make it work in different ways – something that can have a sense of adventure.

    Thank you for sharing. Stay in touch.

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  2. I totally understand how you feel because this time last year I moved out for the first time as well! What really helped me was joining as many clubs and societies as possible to connect with new people and keep myself busy. But also remembering to keep in contact with those you’ve left behind. I think you tend to appreciate the small things more once you’ve been away and whilst it’s hard at first, you’ll definitely get used to it! Good luck!

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    1. Thank you for the advice! Right now I just really miss there being someone to talk to, especially in the evening around the time my parents get home from work. My roommate and I have connected a little bit more today, so it feels less like I’m living in some random person’s apartment.

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