Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Homophobic Bakery

The Supreme Court ruling in the Masterpiece Bakery vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case is deeply upsetting to me both as a gay person and as a Christian. Seeing our government side with homophobia and hate is disgusting, and a huge step backwards. It makes we wonder what else might happen to the LGBTQIA+ community under the Trump administration. This is not the first attack on queer rights during his Presidency – trans rights have been attacked multiple times before, and clear messages from his administration, like refusing to acknowledge Pride Month speak volumes.

The bakery won the case off of the claim that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was hostile towards religion. I’m so tired of seeing people constantly try to use their religion as a justification of their bigotry, the fact that they won this case is mind-boggling. Christians are very rarely the victims, no matter how big their victim complex is. As a Christian, one of the most saddening things about this case is that it continues to perpetuate the lies that God hates gay people, and that God would condone ostracizing someone for any reason. This are not the messages the Bible teaches, no matter how many hateful white people tell you otherwise.

In the United States, you have the right to believe and say what you want to. However, you do not have the right to discriminate against other people. We also are supposed to have a separation of Church and State. You cannot impose your religious beliefs onto other people or make laws based on religious ideologies. Religion is never an excuse for bigotry and discrimination, and there is not place for religion in our government. The actions of people like the owners of the Masterpiece bakery are the reason so many LGBTQIA+ people feel unwelcome in Churches.

The LGBTQIA+ community is resilient and has continuously fought back against discrimination and inequality, this isn’t a new fight. We should be able to live in a world where you don’t have to question whether or not someone will deny you service based on your sexuality or gender, but unfortunately we aren’t there yet.


7 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Homophobic Bakery

  1. My goodness I honestly did not know anything about this. I really wish people would act like they have some sense. It is 2018 and EVERYONE should be treated equally. Please forgive me for saying this, the president is NOT helping created equality for everyone!

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      1. I am sorry to hear the case stopped. Never stop fighting for YOUR rights!! You deserve to be treated equally and NO one has a right to judge! The idiot in the white house is doing nothing good for this country and it really upsets me! I can not wait for him to be out of the white house whether in 2020 or sooner!!

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  2. I was very disappointed by this ruling, especially because, as far as I understand it, the Supreme Court essentially said “we’re not going to rule on this”. Rather than really addressing the issue of religious freedom vs discrimination, they decided that the lower courts hadn’t handled the initial complaint appropriately.

    I’m also – sorry, this turned into a little bit of a rant – I’m also so sick of people completely missing the point of this case. The case was never “Can gay people force Christians to make pro-gay cakes?”. The case was “If a baker sells a certain cake, are they required to sell that cake to everyone?” The answer to that should be a resounding yes. Otherwise, it’s simply discrimination. Very basic principle: If you produce a certain good, you must produce it for everyone. On the flip side, if you don’t produce a certain good, you’re not required to produce it for anyone. So if you make white-frosted wedding cakes, you have to sell those cakes to whoever wants one… but if you don’t make rainbow-frosted wedding cakes, you’re under no obligation to provide one for anyone. I thought RBG’s quote about the cake only being offensive to his religious beliefs because of who was buying it was the pertinent point. The cake itself didn’t go against his beliefs; it wasn’t a rainbow gay pride cake. It was the consumers who were against his beliefs. He would have made the same exact cake for a heterosexual couple. That’s what makes it discrimination.

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