Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2018

May 12th, 2018 is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day…

and let me tell you I am VERY aware I have it!


When most people think of fibromyalgia, they think of middle-aged women, but it can happen in younger people like me as well! Fibromyalgia is typically characterized by widespread pain and fatigue, but it comes with a whole host of other symptoms. The first time a doctor suspected I might have fibromyalgia was back in spring of 2017. I wasn’t diagnosed at that time, because my Rheumatologist wanted me to get all of my other health issues diagnosed first, in case they could have been causing these issues. After going to the Mayo clinic in March (with some confusion that now has been cleared up) I was diagnosed with Fibro.


While it’s hard to differentiate what chronic illnesses causes what issues when you have multiple like I do, my fibro seems to mainly cause joint, muscle, and bone pain, as well as fatigue, brain fog, muscle spasms, intermittent insomnia, and allodynia. Many people think that people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are “faking” and that fibro isn’t real, but it has been scientifically proven to be a real disorder. These kinds of ideas are outdated and very harmful to those with invisible illnesses. I personally wish it wasn’t real, then I wouldn’t have it!

fibro problems

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain disorders, yet it is very difficult to treat and the options are limited. This is why awareness, and research are crucial in order to create medications and therapies to improve our quality of life.

So hug your local person with fibromyalgia today, just not too hard 🙂


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