Why “I’m just not very political” is an Ignorant Statement 

Few phrases get under my skin as much as, “I’m just not very political” does.

First of all, if you don’t care about politics you’re probably incredibly privileged. If it doesn’t matter who’s in power to you, you’re probably not the one getting your rights taken away, or having to fight to have rights in the first place. Even if the majority of politics “aren’t going to effect you” you should still have an ounce of humanity in you to care about other people, and how politics might affect their lives.

Most people don’t get the choice to not be involved in politics. They have to fight for basic human rights and to continue to have the right’s they’ve already been given. Being complacent isn’t an option. Minorities having been fighting the same fight for hundreds of years, and know that they can’t back down even when they’re tired or its inconvenient.

“I’m not just that political” is such a cop-out statement. As if not caring about politics excludes you from having to care and making decisions that effect other people’s lives. For example, I know a lot of people who refused to vote in the last election because they didn’t like Trump or Hillary. Choosing not to vote does not mean that you aren’t responsible for the outcome. Voting is your civic duty, and if you are able to vote and chose not to, then you are part of the problem.

Many people who claim they “aren’t very political” seem to feel a sense of moral high ground, as if caring about politics is wrong or stupid. I think not caring about politics is wrong and stupid. Attempting to exclude yourself from politics, does not make you a better or more mature person. I would actually argue that it’s incredibly immature to not participate in politics. Hard decisions have to be made, rather you like the candidates or not, and is the last election it should not have been a hard decision. No matter what country you are a citizen of, you should always be actively trying to make it a better place. If you are lucky enough to live in a democracy, then you ought to play a part in politics, and put your ballot where your mouth is. Also, if you chose not to vote, you have no right to complain about politics. You had a chance to better our country, and instead you sat idly by being complacent.

Everyone should vote.

Everyone should care about politics.

Everyone should want to move forward and better our country.


7 thoughts on “Why “I’m just not very political” is an Ignorant Statement 

  1. i completely agree. my degree is in politics, so obviously it’s important to me. every election, even if i’m not excited about the candidates, i remind myself that there are women (and other minority groups) in other countries around the world that risk their life for the right to vote. i love this country, so i care what happens to it and in it. i wish more people cared about their local and state issues, as those have a larger effect on our day to day life.

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  2. I have always been very torn when it comes to politics. There is a huge part of me that does not believe our votes matter because everything is predetermined. I am really sorry if that statement upsets anyone. But, seriously look at what is running our country right now! He is an egotistical child who can not think of more than what you type in Twitter. I am really sad for how hateful the people in our country have become. It is not about race, religion, sexual orientation or what gender you are or want to be, it is about treating people equally and with respect! I feel like so many people have lost sight of what is important in life and do not care about others feelings. I feel like everyone, including those running this country need to take a big step back and remember what our country is supposed to stand for. So, I guess that is why I try to avoid political talk, I have very strong belief and morals that it seems a lot of people do not have anymore.

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    1. I also believe that on some level our politics are often pre-determined. However, if we want that to change we have to use our voice, be active in politics, and vote these corrupt people out of office. I also think that no matter how much collusion was involved in the last election, it still speaks volumes that people voted for Trump. We obviously have a lot of work to do!


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