My First Pride Experience 

This past weekend I went to Pride for the very first time!

On Saturday my sister and I went to the festival which consisted mostly of booths and they had a stage where different people performed. I got to see Alyssa Edwards ( a drag queen from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5) perform which was so cool! I’ve been wanting to see a drag performance for a while, but since I’m still a minor there aren’t any places near me that I could go to.

The festival was really fun, and it was cool to see a community of people being so unapologetic while living in a conservative state. We’re lucky that Dallas is one of the more progressive areas of Texas, but the state as a whole is still very conservative. Lots of great organizations like GLAAD, HRC, ACLU, and Equality Texas had booths, as well as some really cool queer owned companies!

Sunday was the parade, which is what I was most excited for. I was planning to just go with my sister, but last minute my parents decided they wanted to go too. To be completely honest I was a little apprehensive about having them come, because as open as they are, there are some things I thought they just wouldn’t understand. However, I was proved wrong and they had a great time!

It was SO hot on Sunday and right before the parade started I got really sick. My stomach began to hurt, my heart started racing, and I got that impending sense of doom that let me know I was going to pass out. Luckily there was a Walgreens just right there so I was able to stumble in and sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes, and got some Gatorade to try and bounce back. In around fifteen minutes I felt sooo much better and was able to enjoy the parade. It’s crazy how quickly things turn South for my body and how quickly they can bounce back!

Although a lot of the parade floats were catered more to gay and lesbian people, most of them celebrated the community as a whole. I saw a ton of trans pride stuff, and a decent amount of asexual pride stuff as well. Hopefully in the future Pride will become even more diverse, because everyone deserves to proud of who they are, especially when they aren’t one of the more well-known genders or sexualities.

I can’t wait to go to many more Pride events in the future. Next Pride I’ll be old enough to participate in a lot more, so that’s exciting. I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a supportive family. Maybe next year I’ll even have a good friend group I can go with!

Did you go to Pride? What was your first Pride experience like?



8 thoughts on “My First Pride Experience 

  1. I am so glad you had a good time. I have not ever been but I don’t really think there has even been one in Charlotte. I bet it was very interesting. I don’t believe in judging others for how they live their lives or who they love. As long as they are not harming anyone, live your life how you want! I am so sorry you got sick for a little while. I understand living in the south it gets way too hot. I give you a lot of credit. I don’t think I could even handle going to a parade in the heat. There would be way too many people close together in crazy hot weather. This was great to hear about and like I said, I am so glad you had fun!!!

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    1. Thank you! I really thought for a moment that I was just going to have to go home, but I’m so thankful my body was able to bounce back. I’m paying for it some this week, but in my eyes it’s worth it. I usually don’t spend much time outside, unless we have an unusually cool day because it exacerbates most of my symptoms. Southern weather and chronic illness do not mix, but on a good day we can make it work!


      1. I hear ya! I live in Charlotte, NC and it gets stupid hot and humid. But, I imagine Texas is A LOT worse! It is crazy how hot days make symptoms so much worse. But, really cold days make me hurt as well. I want to live somewhere when the temps stay around 70 year round!! I am sorry you are suffering this week, but that was a great experience for you. It would so great for most people!!!! Did you take pictures?

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        1. 70 sounds great! It doesn’t get very cold here, so I don’t have much experience with cold weather, but I know it can be particularly bad for people with muscle and joint pain. I took some pictures but they didn’t turn out too well since it was so bright outside.


          1. It only gets cold here a couple months out of the year. But, we do go snowboarding in West Virginia, and it can get really cold. I just don’t deal well with any extreme temperatures. I wonder where it could be 70 year round with no earthquakes or tornadoes! Sounds like the perfect place to live!!

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  2. Despite years of identifying as bi (and living in a major city with a large Pride presence) and now identifying as gay I have never been to a pride parade, though I’m next year I’m hoping to attend. I did attend a burlesque event this year that kicked off our local pride (first in my current city) and was amazed at the energy…

    I think its amazing your family attended with you (and surprised you) this year! ❤

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