Texas Legislature Attack on LGBTQ+ Community

I’m really disappointed that I have to write this post.

Not surprised, but incredibly disappointed.

A while back I wrote a post on the proposed Anti-LGBTQ+  laws, unfortunately they are going into effect soon. It feels like any progress we’ve made has been set back. I’m tired of bring under the control of wealthy, cisgender, straight, bigoted white men. It took me a while to finish writing this because it’s hard to watch the place you live and love so much respond to you with hate. These laws are still pending approval of Greg Abbott, and he could veto them, but we all know he won’t make that decision.


HB 3859- Foster Care/ Adoption agencies can now discriminate against potential parents for their gender, sexuality, religion, and marital status. These agencies get state funding. We will literally be paying them to discriminate against perfectly good parents. Most adoption/foster agencies have some sort of religious affiliation, almost always Christian. While I am a Christian, I do not support anyone who would discriminate against potential parents due to one aspect of their lives. There are currently an estimated 28,000 kids in foster care in Texas. 21.7% are ages 14-17 and in danger of aging out. I would like to see lawmakers look these children and the eye and tell them why they are taking potential families away from them. Texas foster care is incredibly underfunded even though they were just forced to up the budget by $509 million dollars after a judge deemed Texas Foster care, “incredibly broken.”

SB 2078- Students now must use the bathroom that matches their assigned gender at birth. If the kids “don’t want to use ” the bathroom corresponding with their gender assigned at birth then they can use a single stalled uni-sex bathroom (usually the nurses office). This is segregation at its finest. We should be protecting trans kids not setting them up for bullying and discrimination. Everyone just want to pee, it’s not that deep. Lawmakers who think boys will “pretend to be girl’s in order to go into their bathroom and rape them” and completely irrational. If someone is going to be a predator a sign on a wall isn’t going to stop them. Stop telling trans kids and trans people in general that they are inherently predatory.

Chuck Smith, the CEO of Equality Texas, called these laws “an attack on all LGBTQIA+ Texans,” and I have to agree. When you go after one section of the queer community you indirectly go after all of us. Not to mention pretty much all of the people in power in Texas are known for being incredibly homophobic, and do everything in their power to strip us of our rights. It’s exhausting to see our community continuously set back. People have been fighting their whole lives for right’s they still do not have. You can call on Greg Abbott to veto the bills. I have and will continue to do it even if it won’t make him change his mind.

I’m grateful for organizations like the HRC, Equality Texas, and the Texas Freedom Network. The have and continue to fight for equality even in the wake of set backs and discrimination.

I’m here and I’m not going to let him or anyone else forget it.


7 thoughts on “Texas Legislature Attack on LGBTQ+ Community

  1. We’ve been going backwards as a country this entire year. When will people wake up and realize that our differences are what make us human? Just because someone believes in a different God or falls in love with someone of the same sex or gender, doesn’t mean they’re any less worthy of basic rights like going to the bathroom comfortably or adopting a child in need of a family??? I continue to be baffled by the how blind these politicians are.

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