Daith Piercing Experience

Yesterday I got my first daith piercing!

I had said in my previous post that this place only does this piercing and I was mistaken. The piercer I saw specializes in it, but does all the other typical piercings as well.

The shop was around 25 minutes away from where I live so it wasn’t too far. Living in the suburbs means you’re always driving 20-30 minutes everywhere. After we got there I realized in the parking lot that I didn’t bring my ID. Oops! It honestly hadn’t crossed my mind since I wasn’t driving and I’m still technically a minor. In Texas the law States that both the minor and their parent/guardian have to have a state mandated ID or birth certificate to prove that the adult is their parent and is old enough.

So we drove 25 minutes back home and I got my ID. Luckily we didn’t have an appointment  so we weren’t keeping anyone waiting. About two minutes down the road my mom’s tire popped and we had to turn around and to take her car home and use my sisters instead. She just got these tires on Wednesday too so it kinda sucked. We later found out it had a razor blade stuck in it and she got the tire replaced for free since it was under warranty, so that was good.

Back on the road we made it to our destination with all the proper identification and waited around fifteen minutes. She pierced four other people in that time and was really fast. Before I knew it, it was my turn and I was getting marked up. I couldn’t really see back in my ear, but I assumed it was fine and trusted she knew what she was doing.

FullSizeRenderI liked that she did it really quick and didn’t talk about it a whole lot. The piercer was super friendly and made conversation but didn’t dwell on the piercing for too long before we got started. After she marked my ear, she set the needle up and then told me to get ready for some pressure. It honestly didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. I wasn’t nervous until she told me she was setting up the needle, then the nerves kicked in a little. She was so quick though I didn’t really have time to feel nervous!  The most “uncomfortable” part of it all was the popping noise it made. It basically felt like a giant pop with one sharp pain that wasn’t that bad, and then my ear felt really hot for a minute. There was no blood and I was good to go after she cleaned the area. We probably only spent five minutes tops in the piercing room, but she was really attentive and gave me her phone number for if I ever needed anything so I thought that was kind.

In the short time I’ve had it I have only experienced some mild discomfort and general achiness (which definitely isn’t word but we’re just gonna go with it). The piercer told me that day four is the worst so I guess we will see what the healing process is like. The jewelry I have in it now I’m not going to keep once the healing period is up. I didn’t get to choose this but I knew that this would be what they pierced it with going in. What I have in now is a circular barbell and from what I understand, barbells are the best for the healing process with daith piercings.

I’m really happy with it so far and had an awesome experience at this piercing shop. At this point I’m still planning to get the left side done after the four week healing period on my right one. I think it will be really interesting to see what happens as far as migraines go. I haven’t been having them like I have for the past five years lately (like since December). I don’t know if I’m just cycling and on an upswing or what. It’s been weird, but I’m grateful to at least not be dealing with that pain.

I’m going to do another update once I’ve had this one for a while and then once I’ve had both of them done. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them! 🙂

Lots of Love,



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