Six Days

We are six days into the nightmare that is a Tr*mp presidency.

Here’s some of what has happened:

  1. He began to repeal the ACA which will lead to an estimated 43,000 deaths annually
  2. He overturned the progress Obama made with the Standing Rock pipeline – in other words he doesn’t care about indigenous people or the basic human right of access to clean water
  3. Stated he is not going to release his tax returns
  4. Attacked the National Parks for their tweets and told them to stop tweeting – or censoring what he doesn’t want to hear
  5. Moved forward with his plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico


Unfortunately there’s been more and probably will be more before I even post this. My go-to emotion isn’t sadness, but I am sad, so very sad. I’m sad for myself, I’m sad for my family and neighbors, I’m sad for America. Currently I am not proud to be an American, and the terrible thing is, that statement offends more people than anything he has done so far as President or has said/done in the past.

I’m horrified at what our government has done in the days since the inauguration. On the other hand, I am extremely happy to see the response from some of our fellow Americans. The Women’s march was amazing to say the least, and so inspiring. So many celebrities are taking a stance and encouraging others to do the same. I wanted to go so bad, but I had a doctors appointment that took over a month to schedule so I couldn’t miss it. Even here in conservative Texas we had some large marches, which made me so happy. The march obviously wasn’t enough, but it was a good start. It’s okay to be upset, I know I am, but doing nothing is not okay.

You can go here to let your senators know that the secretary of education pick isn’t okay, because someone who has never been to public school and didn’t send her kids to public school, shouldn’t be in charge of our education system. You can call your senators and let them know on the phone or show up in person, which here in Texas, that is making Senator Ted Cruz very angry.


If you’re scared, angry, or upset, so am I. He’s gonna do some bad things, I mean he’s already done some bad things, but the only response you can control is your own. Be kind and loving to other people. Stand up for not only your rights, but also those who’s voice isn’t as loud as yours. Giving up is not an option; stand strong!

Lots of Love,



P.S. Here are some places you can donate to if you feel so inclined

Planned Parenthood

The Trevor Project


Standing Rock




10 thoughts on “Six Days

  1. I understand all too well what you are saying and agree. I happened to be one of the 750,000 in the LA women’s march but even if I had stayed home, I would have been there in spirit as I’m sure you were. I was amazed to see the turn out in various areas of the country, including Texas. Seeing other countries standing in support of us brought me to tears. Our work is not done and I’m hopeful it will continue on.

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    1. Thank you for marching! I saw some video of the marches in Toronto and London, but I know there wee many more. It makes me happy to see the world uniting against him, and I really hope it continues.

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  2. i completely understand what you are saying, but i am still proud to be an American. not because of anything Trump has done or said, but in spite of it. reasons like millions of people coming together to march in support of women’s and human rights are why i’m proud.

    the wall terrifies me. i don’t think it will happen, but it’s still scary. i live in a border town, and fortunately most of the politicians around here seem to be against it.

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    1. I’m proud of the American people and how they’ve responded far , I am also however ashamed to live under this government. I don’t think he’s gonna build the wall, but I also didn’t think he would win the election. Personally I want to be mentally prepared for the worst, because the shock of the election results were and still are hard to take. Maybe that’s just the pessimist in me, but I’d rather be happily surprised than shocked.

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  3. I too am not proud to be an American. A sad fact.
    I don’t think Trump will be able to do the things he has said he will do. There isn’t that kind of money around…..can you imagine how much it would cost to build a wall?? Is he going to pay for it?
    Right now I can’t do anything to help. I have to just shut up for a little while and calm down. I’ve been way too upset about this for too long now.
    This nation needs to heal. I’m afraid it may be a long time before these wounds have closed.

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    1. I don’t think he’ll be able to accomplish it either, but I think we have to take him seriously when he makes such threats. I hope our nation heals by uniting against him. We definitely don’t have the money, and I hope he doesn’t drive us into more debt.

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