Snowing in Texas!?

Ahh it’s snowing here in TEXAS!

This hasn’t happened in a long time and I’m so excited! It started out as just a few flurries, but it’s starting to stick a little bit.


The front yard
The loungers!

We probably won’t get very much, and it most likely won’t stay around for long, but it’s still fun! Little unexpected positive things mean a lot when you’re stuck at home all day. Is it snowing where you live? Does it snow every year? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

A very excited Alyssa


11 thoughts on “Snowing in Texas!?

  1. I’m from northern UT originally where we get feet of snow ever year and I miss it. My husband is from Atlanta and his parents still live there. The fact that it might snow has made everyone lose their minds and I find it hilarious.
    It doesn’t snow here in the Bay Area but I’m trying to get my boys is to Tahoe this winter to play in the snow!!!

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    1. Aw that would be so fun! I hope y’all are able to make it to Tahoe! We will get a few inches of ice some years and everyone freaks out. School closes, work shuts down for a lot of people, and no one drives. It’s kinda like the apocalypse around here when we have ice, haha 😂

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  2. Supposed to get 4 -6 inches. We don’t get snow every year. When we do it doesn’t stay long. Or we get something crazy. I don’t really like it. Hurts my head. Makes me ache. But it’s pretty. Hope it doesn’t last long, and we don’t lose power. No ice.


      1. We didn’t get as much snow as they called for. An inch, maybe, didn’t stick to the roads….yay.
        You made me giggle about the fire alarms, sounds like my kind of luck. Oh, but just thought, I bet that hurt your head. Sorry.

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  3. This makes me so excited for the weekend! It’s supposed to snow up to either four or six inches, we don’t know. My family’s upset about it because they have to go out in it, but I get to watch through my window from the comfort of my bed, cuddled up in blankets. >:)


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