Alternative Medicine & Chronic Illness

I have tried quiet a few “alternative medicine routes.” So far none have worked for me, but I still continue to try new ones. In early January I’m going to start acupuncture to see if it helps as well as counseling.

I’m a skeptic. When I’m told something as a fact, I want to know why it’s true, and where the evidence is. The problem with being a skeptic and trying alternative medicine is that, alternative medicine is most likely to work if you truly believe it will. In the end it is often more about mindfulness, than it is about the actual alternative medicine you’re receiving.

The first alternative medicine I tried was going to a chiropractor. I’ve been to two, and honestly I’m not impressed. The first one put me on a ton of supplements that messed up my stomach – and more than usual. They also did what they called a “deep adjustment” on my neck, and gave me the worst migraine I’ve ever had that latest for two weeks. When I say the pain was bad, I mean I thought I was going to die I was in so much pain. The second one I saw took x-rays of my spine, told me a had scoliosis, and needed daily “adjustments” to fix it. I went to an orthopedist after that to get clarification and had more x-rays that showed I have a slight spinal asymmetry, and it was nothing to worry about. I honestly think the second guy was a huge scam.

I have also tried massage therapy from a couple different massage therapist. It didn’t do anything for me, and often made me sore. I got one specific “migraine massage” where they put freezing cold stones on my face, and the only thing it did was make me cold.

I did physical therapy for a while, and surprise, it didn’t seem to help. We were working on building my core muscles, and the muscles around my neck. She would often push me harder than my body could handle, and I would have to rest of the remainder of the day.  Plus I was SO sore from doing the exercises she had me do that it caused me more pain, than it helped. I do think physical therapy could be helpful for me in the long run, I just need to find someone who has more experience with my health issues.

The last thing I’ve tried is essential oils. Now this was more to appease my mom than anything else. We have a family friend who is an infectious disease doctor and now works with essential oils. My mom trusts her and really thought they would help – but they didn’t do anything; at least they smelled really good! I think just like all these others things, they work for some people are not others.

This post is not meant to make fun of anyone who uses alternative medicine in their treatment plan – if it works for you, thats great! I wish they had worked for me, but I’m not surprised they didn’t . Do you use any holistic approaches, and if so have they worked for you?

Lots of Love,




5 thoughts on “Alternative Medicine & Chronic Illness

  1. I’ve also tried pretty much everything, without result. I’m very sceptical about it all as well, and like you said that may be part of the problem.
    I’ve even had “witches” clean my “aura” and pray over me, and some dude with “magnetic hands” meditate over my body, and the homeopathic bullshit, essential oils, and the acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, neuropathy, osteopathy, you name it.
    Good luck…


  2. Hi Alyssa, no I haven’t tried anything, but maybe some supplements along the way…..can’t even remember which ones. That’s how well they worked for me. I did use to go to get a massage of my neck and back on a regular basis and it did help with. It was a deep tissue massage. The therapist was amazed I could handle it because she said most Fibromyalgia patient’s cannot handle the deep tissue massage. You have to remember, I’ve been in pain for a very long time, so I’m used to pain. And, yes it would usually hurt and sometimes so bad I’d ask her if she was trying to kill me. So, I would be sore for a few days, but after the soreness went away, it really helped. I’m now disabled, so I can’t afford such luxuries anymore. I also used to go to the Chiropractor in that same office. Then one day, he snapped my neck so bad, it hurt terribly for months. I decided that was the end of me going to anymore Chiropractor’s. I’ve known a few people who had several TIA’s (mini strokes) after being adjusted. So, after that last snapping of my neck, I wasn’t interested in taking that risk. I would love to go to a Natropath, but of course, I cannot afford that either. And, like you said, what works for one person may very well not work for another. And, I do believe that sometimes mindfulness can alter the facts. As far as the essential oils, I’m not really too sold on it yet. I do have a few friends that are big into that and would like to sell some. I do have to say that one time after I had surgery and I couldn’t pee, like always, the nurse said she was about ready to get the peppermint out. I told her, please don’t. I hate it and it will make me throw up. She laughed and said, oh no honey, we put it in the bed pan and it helps patient’s pee when they can’t. We use it up on the floor all the time. I did work. I was amazed because I usually get hospitalized after every surgery, for that reason, or I’m sent home with a catheter. That’s cute dragging that around, let me tell you. So, if you ever have that problem, Peppermint will help. And, then it might not help you just because it helped me. 🙂


      1. I know, right! The nurse just laughed, but I had never heard of that before and I was wondering what she was going to do by giving me Peppermint… lol lol 🙂 As many times as I’ve been hospitalized, and many times at that exact hospital and I’ve had the problem and they never brought out any peppermint oil……

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