Neurology Update

This morning I had my neurology appointment with a new doctor, and it was a very positive visit!

I had mentioned in a pervious post that I was looking into starting Botox, and this doctors office is going to file a request with our insurance in the new year. She doesn’t think it will be the “miraculous cure” that Botox is for some people, because I don’t have much stiffness in my neck and shoulders, and that’s what Botox helps with most. It is however something I haven’t tried yet, and I have attempted to use the majority of migraine relief therapies available.

She was concerned that my resting heart rate is so high, and wants to start me on Propranolol.  I have been on it before, and it lowered my blood pressure a little too much, but hopefully my body won’t be as sensitive this time. In addition to the new drug, she wants me to lower the amount of Amitriptyline I take, which is fine with me since it doesn’t work anyway. I also got a referral to see a Cardiologist, which is a specialist I have not seen before, as well as a referral for an acupuncturist. In the office today my pulse was 137 bpm, which is way too high for anyone, especially someone as young as me.


I really liked that she brought up the fact that exercising is nearly impossible with a pulse that high. Instead of shaming me for not being more active she was actually sympathetic, which is not a trait most doctors I have seen have. I don’t need or want anyones pity. I just want adequate medial care from people who are understanding. Is that too much to ask for?

I’m hoping I will be able to use her as my Neurologist long term, because so far I really like her. I needed some positivity in my life, so I’m grateful that this visit went well. I am also feeling pretty good today, minus the sinus infection I have, so hopefully I will continue to feel okay for all of our Christmas celebrations.

Love of  Love and Holiday Wishes,



6 thoughts on “Neurology Update

  1. I also have a resting heart rate as high as yours and so I completely understand that. Its like your body is always running a marathon. Hopefully they can find a medication that will lower it without dropping your blood pressure too much. Good luck to you!

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