Only two genders?

I really like this article about gender identity and the “only two genders” argument!


If you search on Google, ‘how many genders are there?’ the first thing that comes up is that ‘there are two main gender categories that everyone can agree on: male and female’. The phrasing of this statement alone irritates me, as if your gender identity has to be something everyone ‘agrees with’ to be valid. Although I identify as cisgender, the one thing I can’t stand is people who are ignorant to the fact that gender cannot be defined by two categories.

Physically, you are usually born with either a male reproductive system, or a female reproductive system. Although even this is not always the case; although uncommon, Intersex individuals (who have sexual characteristics that are neither completely male nor female) do exist, so even the argument that there are literally only two physical genders isn’t completely accurate.  But I think the main issue is that many don’t realise that gender isn’t actually defined…

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