New Year, Improved Me?

As 2016 comes to a close I’ve been thinking about how I want the new year to be different. Here are seven things I want to achieve in 2017.

  1. Drivers License

Being chronically ill has made it hard for me to obtain my drivers license. I’ve had my permit for quiet a while now, and I have taken my drivers test once ( but I failed). I’m seventeen and will turn eighteen in the fall of 2017, so it’s about time I get my license.

2. Obtain my GED

Since I have quit high school due to my health I need to get a GED so I can take community college courses in the fall of 2017.

20150225-10-positive-quotes-that-will-make-you-happier-right-now-7(PHOTO CRED)

3. Be more positive

I have a bad habit of being negative – like all the time. It’s not a quality I love about myself, but it’s not in my nature to be positive. I want to focus on the good, while acknowledging the bad, because I think it will help me become a happier person.

4. Say “Yes” more

No one likes getting out of their comfort zone, but you’ll never know if you’d like something unless you try it. While I’m outspoken and opinionated around people I’m close with, I often stay quiet and to myself with people I don’t know well. I’m not looking to completely change my introvert personality to being a loud outgoing extrovert, I just want to take more chances and try new things without being arias of what could go wrong.

5. Stay in the word

I am a Christian, and I think its important to read the Bible on a consistent basis. It always helps my mood, and my mental health when my relationship with God is stronger, and one of the best ways to do that is to read the Bible and then pray in reflection afterwords. I am not perfect by any means, and have a habit of being good about reading the Bible everyday for a month, and then not picking up my bible at all for a few months, unless I’m taking it to church on Sundays.

2f71fef78e9d473aa830719101e63345(PHOTO CRED)

6. Volunteer

My health has caused me to stop doing pretty much everything I used to enjoy, which included volunteering. I taught Sunday school at my old church to four year olds, and I really enjoyed it. I go to a different church now, and I don’t know if doing that would be an option, but I want to start volunteering on a regular basis. I believe that should “be the change, you want to see in the world,” and I can’t “be the change” if I don’t actively work to help others.

7. Reach Out

I tend to believe that if people genuinely cared about me or wanted to spend time with me that they will contact me. I’m never someone who makes the first move, whether that’s in a friendship or relationship. I don’t want to be pushy when it comes to hanging out – and lets face it, most teenagers are flaky. However friendship is a two way street, and to make friends, (and keep them) I know I must reach out to other people.

It blows my mind that 2016 is almost over. This has been an incredibly tough year for me, but I have hope that I can get my life back on track in 2017. With a new year comes new possibilities and challenges, which is both exciting and scary. I hope your holiday season is going well, and you find what you’re looking for in 2017

Much Love,



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